Dec 10


Creep - Animals feat. Holly Miranda (Official Video)

Nov 21

Another Bosco track. Love it. 


BOSCO // Blender ft. Rome Fortune



I had originally been mesmarized by this track which features in the small EP teaser video. The beat, produced by Dog Bite (from Washed Out’s live band) is filled out with thick samples and an insistent hip hop kick and snare. The track features some catchy local vocal hooks by Bosco and some killer over the telephone rhymes delivered by Rome Fortune. Download the whole Pacer EP below for free.


Download : Pacer EP

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Nov 21


Quadron - Horse

Nov 21
Nov 21

i think i may have a thing for swedish musicians. 

Nov 21

ended the quarter with a bit of branding and concept development. it’s slowly coming to life. 

Nov 7

Common. This man never seizes to amaze me. 

Nov 6

NERO. Slightly upset I’m not going to see their show tonight at the Masquerade, but when school calls, work has to get down somehow. Maybe next time. 

Nov 6


James Blake - CMYK

This song will never get old. 

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Nov 5

Took a quick trip to Open Studio last night at SCAD Atlanta and spotted a few pieces I liked! 

Nov 3


Hijacking Sampler. It’s FREE! Visit hijackingmusic to download.

A few of my favorites on the mix:

BOSCO - yea yay

Cloudeater (Of Course!) - Blurry Wisdom

Jack Of Hearts - Hard Feelings

Can’t wait to see them all perform next week at the Goat Farm

Nov 2

Working on concept development and schematic floor plans at the moment. Here’s more inspirational imagery from my mood board for the development of my music project. experimental. movement. and music = pure awesomeness. 

Nov 2


Nov 2

Last weekend I took a drive down to Savannah, the closest place for me to get away and still feel like I was at home. While I was there my friends and I took a quick visit to the “New” SCAD Museum which was just completed the week before. I was completely amazed after spending two years of my life there before there was anything on the site except for a few old ruins and piles of old bricks. I can’t help but say that after that visit, I’m slightly jealous that there isn’t a space like that here at the SCAD Atlanta campus, but needless to say, it gives me an excuse to visit again very soon.